Real Relationships Training

During the eight weeks, the participant learns to recognise the triggers that set the chain of action/reaction in motion. Once they can be recognised, it becomes easier to acknowledge and take responsibility for the outcomes. As the person’s self awareness grows, their negative actions can be controlled and solutions become easier.

  • Sessions one and two introduce these triggers with the help of two videos; “The Killing Machine” and “Internal and External Triggers”. The individual is now able to label those they see as part of their experience.
  • Session three introduces the idea of taking responsibility.
  • Session four, we talk about dealing with guilt and shame.
  • Session five leads the participant toward positive thinking and finding creative solutions.
  • Session six teaches a person the value of listening and the skills that can be used to truly hear what others are saying.
  • Session seven the cycle of violence is covered with discussion on appropriate behaviour at each stage.
  • The final session is for review and re-enforcement.

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