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On Monday 15th Frebruary 2016 the Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre hosted celebrations of the 8th Anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generation.  With over 60 people attending, including members of both the Aboriginal community and the mainstram community along with service providers, the day was a huge success.

The celebrations included the unveiling of 3 pots which had been specially painted by three local artists, Danielle Gorogo, Bevan Skinner & Dawn Brown. Each pot was uniquely painted as a tribute to honour Our Stolen Generation, Our Warriors (service men & women) and Our Past Loved Ones. After the unveiling, elders of the community were asked to come and participate in the planting of native herbs into the pots. To honour our Stolen Generation Native Mint was planted to sybolise love, healing and protection, to honour our Warriors, Native Thyme was planted to symbolise courgae and strength and to honour our past loved ones Native Basil was planted to symbolise love and eternal life.

Special guest Jan Barham - Member of the Legislative Council and Chairperson of the NSW Parlimentary Enquiry into Reparation for the Stolen Generation attended the event and adressed the crowd with some heart felt words as did Elder Herb Duroux and our Master of Ceremonies Trevor Kapeen.

Great feedback was recieved from everyone who attended the event.

Many thanks to Janelle Brown, Erin Ferguson, Special Guests and elders, the Healing Foundation, Warruwi, Bunnings Grafton, Timna Taylor, Clarence Valley Men's Group, Donna Van Haren, Claire Purvis, all of the wonderful volunteers and the amazing artists: Danielle Gorogo, Bevan Skinner & Dawn Brown.

Articles where published in both of the local newspapers, The Daily Examiner and The Clarence Valley Independant.

Click on the below hyperlinks to read the stories.

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