Overview of Gurehlgam Training; people and programs

Gurehlgam is a not for profit company, set up and run by Indigenous Australians in the Many Rivers area of New South Wales for the benefit of Indigenous people, families and communities.

The company has two branches as shown in the company structure in our company profile. As a professional project management company we contract to government and NGO organisations to deliver services to Indigenous people and communities.

As a training company we aim to provide a range of training and personal development programs to individuals who may be supported or referred from government agencies or community organisations.

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Grafton NSW

18-26 Victoria St. Grafton 2460
Tel: (02) 6642 8677
Fax: (02) 6642 1195
Mailing: PO Box 1676,
Grafton NSW 2460

Kempsey NSW

39 Elbow St. West Kempsey 2440
Tel:02 6562 5856

Corindi Beach, NSW

170 Red Rock Road, Corindi Beach, 2456

(02) 66407100

Gurehlgam Featured Gallery


  • Many Rivers Family Violence Prevention Legal Service
  • Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre
    • Wadjar Indigenous Regional Gallery
    • Nuralamee Conference Centre
    • Jalumbo Heritage Centre
  • Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre and Garden
  • Specialist Homelessness Service, Clarence Valley, Indigenous
  • Consultancy Services
  • Cultural training and support