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tribal dreaming

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Tribal Dreaming provides case management support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men leaving prison. We are funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency and have two full-time staff.

our program

The Tribal Dreaming program delivers a range of activities that supports and assists our clients to meet their parole requirements through providing mentoring, transport, advocacy, counselling, group work, cultural connection, communication, medical, dental, drug, alcohol, gambling, and peer support.

our learnings & growth

The instability of housing greatly impacts our client’s ability to transition smoothly back in to community, as they don’t have a solid home base to rebuild their lives from. We recognise this as a major issue and are working with other agencies to address the housing shortage in our area. There is also a great need to establish a Women’s program that provides support to women transitioning out of prison.

our impact

Our Tribal Dreaming program and activities recognise the importance of culture, family and community in the reintegration back into community and in the healing of our clients. Through supporting our clients to develop and achieve personal goals, our clients take ownership in their future and build self-esteem and confidence.

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