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Our Programs

We have a trio of programs developed in house to help our clients.

Real Relationships is for Aboriginal & TI people who have anger issues in their relationships, the program is run 2 hours a day 1 day a week for 6 weeks, it gives you the tools to deal with the anger and you be in control This program is aimed at giving participants a better insight into how they react to situations that can result in negative behaviours. The program has been running for ten years with support from the Federal funding agencies. It also has the support of many community sector agencies that refer their clients to the course to help with family relationship issues.

This is not a mediation or counselling course. The participants are most commonly in a relationship that is not functioning smoothly. It may be wife and husband or it may be neighbour and neighbour. At some point the participants have come to the attention of the Courts or social services and this course is proposed as a circuit breaker.

During the six weeks, the participant learns to recognise the triggers that set the chain of action/reaction in motion. Once they can be recognised, it becomes easier to acknowledge and take responsibility for the outcomes. As the person’s self awareness grows, their negative actions can be controlled and solutions become easier.

My Story is a narrative therapy program designed to allow the participant to find his or her strengths through individual expression. This may be verbal, written or artistic in some way. The key is to allow each person to tell their story without fear.

The Cultural Healing program follows on from the first two. It explores was to heal in a cultural context. Commonly this involves defining ones space within their community.