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Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre

At the Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre, we believe that Healing takes place for Goorie people when we come together to yarn, to support each other and learn together. We also strongly believe in the Healing that takes place when we reclaim our Cultural Practices and Traditional Languages.

The Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre provides the following services and programs for the Clarence Valley Community;

  • Weekly Men’s Group
  • Weekly Women’s Group
  • Language Community Classes
  • Cultural Education Programs for Schools and Community
  • Clarence Valley Goorie Interagency
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Traditional Dance Performance and Workshops
  • Didgeridoo Performance and Workshops
  • Art Workshops
  • Goorie Youth Mentoring Program
  • Cultural Incursions
  • Corporate Events
  • Cultural Tours

Gurehlgam :: The Healing Centre
Gurehlgam :: Clarence Valley Healing CentreWe can tailor any of our programs to suit your organisation’s needs. If you would like further information on any of our services, or to make a booking, please contact the Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre on details below.

Clarence Valley Aboriginal Healing Centre development has been funded by the Healing Foundation. The Centre aims to facilitate any improvement in the lives of Aboriginal people, either individually or collectively. We do this through programs and activities such as hosting the annual Apology Day; running a women’s group; conducting cultural excursions to places of significance; holding cultural expression events; creating a community garden that has a focus on local plants used in food or medicine; and much more.