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The Gurehlgam Gathering Hub provides a culturally safe space for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members over the age of 50 to come together on a fortnightly basis from across the Clarence Valley to participate in a range of activities being delivered as part of the Gurehlgam Gathering program.

The Hub provides a space to grow and nurture connections to alleviate feelings of loneliness and social isolation.  The Gurehlgam Gathering Hub and associated Gurehlgam Gathering Program  is currently funded through a grant from the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

The Hub also provides a great space to hold your next community event,  meetings and workshops.

our program

In 2023, the Gurehlgam Gathering Program and associated activities delivered from the Hub has   focused on increasing our visibility across the Clarence Valley, promoting our Hub, Program and Activities and increasing our communications via a range of social media outlets and local radio stations with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

Some of the activities delivered in 2022/2023 at the Hub included preparing wills, discussion options for funeral services, workshops on jewellery making, weaving, painting, healthy cooking, sewing and screen printing. 

In 2024 the aim is to build working partnerships/sponsorships across the Clarence Valley and to continue developing and delivering income generating events/activities to ensure financial sustainability into the future for the Gurehglam Gathering Hub and Program.

our highlights

Once of our recent highlights included working on a story book with pariticpants that captures Elders stories about growing up in Grafton.


A professional photographer and editor will be engaged to further develop the story book which we plan to complete and publish in 2023.

our impact

The Gurehlgam Gathering Hub and Gurehlgam Gathering Progam has been very successful in bringing people together from different cultures to build connections where there is trust, respect, confidentiality, inclusion and safety.

Our participant numbers continue to grow evey year and Gurehlgam is committed to increasing our participant numbers via a range of promotional events being held at the Gurehlgam Gathering Hub.

our learnings & growth

The Gurehlgam Gathering program recently decided to invite younger people to participate in the program. This has been proving to be really beneficial as they get to learn about their culture and spend time with Elders in a respectful environment.

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