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Training and Assessment

The Australian vocational training system is recognised in many countries as the benchmark for skills development. The cornerstone is uniformly prepared trainers, regardless of the specialty they teach. From chain saw operation to silver service, the person teaching that course should have a minimum set of qualifications in teaching within the VET system.

Gurehlgam is a strong supporter of this system. Two of the directors have the Training and Assessment Certificate IV and our strategic goal is to help Indigenous trainers gain recognised training qualifications. The process has begun with up to eight facilitators being trained to deliver training at a course due to start this month. Our manager, Kenn Payne will deliver these accredited units through Booroonjun Djargun College in Kempsey. Kenn has taught trainers at this level for the past five years.

The company is supporting Michael Foxwell to gain his TAA04 qualification as he is the program coordinator for the Real Relationship program. (see the Gurehlgam company profile for the full list of training currently supported).

As a first step in providing quality training across all subjects, our trainers and facilitators will all be required to have achieved or undertake at least three ‘design and deliver’ units of the TAA04. Those who wish will be supported to attain the full qualification (14 units). They will also be supported in their professional development within their area of expertise.

Our aim is to have a talent pool to call on for our own courses and for the trainers to have the skills to sell on the wider training market should they chose to do so..